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2013-14′ F/W Collection
Nostalgic future

The futuristic fragments that people might have imagined in the past are the inspirations of this season. Yoo HyeJin focused on the theme by amplifying sculptural shapes of voluminous sleeves with drop-shoulder, wavy seam lines reminding new futuristic Art-Nouveau-ish cuts. Aviator and Space look-inspired pieces with padded coats, printed with digital images of white hairy plants called Tradescantia sillamontana will be presented. It could be a series of nostalgic future figures someone dreamt one time in the past, yet in a modern sci-fi feel.

Color; Khaki green, Blue green, Dark peacock green, Dark mint green, Navy blue, Peacock blue, Persian blue, Beige, Dark chocolate brown, Dark wine brown, Chocolate, Black, Mustard yellow, Orange ochre, Russet orange, Grape violet, Purple, Phlox violet, Dark grape violet, Dark grey, Light grey
Fabric; Wool, Cashmere, Cotton, Silk, Acryl, Polyester, Polyurethane, Rayon, Nylon, Synthetic fur, Synthetic leather, Laminated cotton/polyurethan, Digital printed polyester

2013′ S/S Collection
Urban Shamanist

Queerness of sensitivity provoked by conflicts between reason and unreason, dubious future, ambiguous phenomena, and unexplainable feelings like fear or hope irritated by uncertainty are the inspirations of the season for designer HyeJin Yoo. Especially, Natural forms of energy like refractions of light, wave form of sound inspired her to work on the theme of ‘Urban Shamanist.’ She also brings her digital print work which has 3d effects, ‘Shamanist Cube.’ 3d glasses (pink and green) can make it more enjoyable.

Keyword; Oddity, Eccentricity
Color; Light grey, Blue cement grey, White, Navy blue, Indigo blue, Persian blue, Black, Mustard yellow, Scarlet red, Light gold beige, Light baby blue, Baby pink, Baby yellow, Wine, Dark grey, Fluorescent yellow green, Fluorescent orange pink
Fabric; Poly span, Poly rayon, Cotton span, Leather, Artificial leather, Poly silk, Poly chiffon, Poly satin, Oxford, Viscose wool


An homage to the 1930s

Kumann OH EUN HWAN pays attention to the novelty of 30’s modern look that encompasses long and lean lines of art-deco styles from 1920’s and square suits with padded shoulders and emphasis on waistlines directing towards the 1940’s, at the same time. Kumann re-interprets those characteristics of 30’s, consisting of quite a different look which is mixed with art-deco inspired ankle-length blouses, long dresses, skirts, jump suits, basket weaved embellishments and tailored, boxy but slim-waisted long coats inspired from late 30’s. Draped dresses, bias cut, ruffles and more classical details are included.

IMG_1982 IMG_2001 IMG_2011 IMG_2024 IMG_2041 IMG_2056 IMG_2072 IMG_2086 IMG_2101 IMG_2117 IMG_2129 IMG_2151 IMG_2163y IMG_2196y IMG_2211 IMG_2225 IMG_2242 IMG_2251 IMG_2268 IMG_2284 IMG_2298 IMG_2311 IMG_2332 IMG_2342 IMG_2354 IMG_2365 IMG_2383 IMG_2395 IMG_2416 copy IMG_2436 IMG_2455

2012′ S/S Collection

Artificial flora

Kumann OH EUN HWAN’s spring/summer 2012 collection presents a message of ‘Artificial flora’. It comes with a type of appliqué craft in a series of geometric pieces with the refined silhouettes. The concept is based on the response of apocalyptic phenomena that is represented with images of excessively manipulated and processed nature.

This season’s geometric compositions are constructed with see-through cut-outs on silk dresses, inspired by artificially manipulated natural images. Printed dresses, and skirts go with silk vest, see-through chiffon vest and jackets. HyeJin Yoo also continues to explore designing an electronic wearable piece with color LEDs for this season.

Main color : White, Black, Silver, Silver Grey, Cobalt, Beige, Mint, Pink, Green

Accent color : Fluorescent green, Fluorescent yellow, Fluorescent pink, Fluorescent Blue

Fabric : Silk, Chiffon, Oxford, Satin, Polyester, PVC