Kumann OH EUN HWAN designed by HyeJin Yoo – 2013′ S/S Collection

2013′ S/S Collection
Urban Shamanist

Queerness of sensitivity provoked by conflicts between reason and unreason, dubious future, ambiguous phenomena, and unexplainable feelings like fear or hope irritated by uncertainty are the inspirations of the season for designer HyeJin Yoo. Especially, Natural forms of energy like refractions of light, wave form of sound inspired her to work on the theme of ‘Urban Shamanist.’ She also brings her digital print work which has 3d effects, ‘Shamanist Cube.’ 3d glasses (pink and green) can make it more enjoyable.

Keyword; Oddity, Eccentricity
Color; Light grey, Blue cement grey, White, Navy blue, Indigo blue, Persian blue, Black, Mustard yellow, Scarlet red, Light gold beige, Light baby blue, Baby pink, Baby yellow, Wine, Dark grey, Fluorescent yellow green, Fluorescent orange pink
Fabric; Poly span, Poly rayon, Cotton span, Leather, Artificial leather, Poly silk, Poly chiffon, Poly satin, Oxford, Viscose wool

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