Kumann OH EUN HWAN designed by HyeJin Yoo – 2012′ S/S Collection

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2012′ S/S Collection

Artificial flora

Kumann OH EUN HWAN’s spring/summer 2012 collection presents a message of ‘Artificial flora’. It comes with a type of appliqué craft in a series of geometric pieces with the refined silhouettes. The concept is based on the response of apocalyptic phenomena that is represented with images of excessively manipulated and processed nature.

This season’s geometric compositions are constructed with see-through cut-outs on silk dresses, inspired by artificially manipulated natural images. Printed dresses, and skirts go with silk vest, see-through chiffon vest and jackets. HyeJin Yoo also continues to explore designing an electronic wearable piece with color LEDs for this season.

Main color : White, Black, Silver, Silver Grey, Cobalt, Beige, Mint, Pink, Green

Accent color : Fluorescent green, Fluorescent yellow, Fluorescent pink, Fluorescent Blue

Fabric : Silk, Chiffon, Oxford, Satin, Polyester, PVC