2014 FW Collection


Concept – Houndstooth block spaceship

Inspiration – The warping of time and space

Fabric – wool/polyester, wool/nylon, wool/rayon, polyester, synthetic leather, fake fur

Color – black, white, gray, orchard, amber brown, hazel, cobalt blue, sapphire blue, yellow



02-A4  03-A4

04-A4  05-A4

06-A4  07-A4

08-A4  09-A4

10-A4  11-A4

12-A4  13-A4

14-A4  15-A4

16-A4  17-A4

18-A4  19-A4

20-A4  21-A4

22-A4  23-A4

24-A4  25-A4