Company and brand introduction

Kumann YOO HYE JIN is the second brand of Kumann OH EUN HWAN. ‘Kumann’ is the label came from custom-made women’s wear studio, ‘[Ku-Mang]‘, which was founded by EunHwan Oh in 1965. In 1979, she had established ‘OH EUN HWAN Boutique’ that has been running for about 35 years as one of the most renowned women’s ready-to-wear company in Korea.

‘OH EUN HWAN Boutique’ was well-known for her selections of flower textiles, developing details by novel materials, well-fitting patterns, elegant use of colors and refined styles with comfort especially between 1970′s and 1990′s in Korea. EunHwan Oh founded and developed modern Korean women’s fashion during the time.

In 2010, HyeJin Yoo has changed the name of the company and brand to ‘Kumann OH EUN HWAN’ to inherit the foundation of the studio. Second brand, ‘Kumann YOO HYE JIN’ has been replacing Kumann OH EUN HWAN since 2013′ F/W collection at Seoul Fashion Week, while leaving the label Kumann OH EUN HWAN as company name and boutique brand name and directing for Kumann YOO HYE JIN in a contemporary high-end line. Since she has changed the brand’s name and target, Kumann YOO HYE JIN has been looking out for the retailers worldwide and started exporting to Middle East and China.

Brand concept

An ethos of Kumann, beyond post-modern era, has been redefined by HyeJin Yoo in a contemporary avant-garde by modernizing heritage of the brand and reconfiguring the images of the brand especially in focusing creative structure and details with search for new materials and fabrications.

Ready-to-wear collections of Kumann YOO HYE JIN have been configured in an approach of half-couture with artistic concepts and forms. Yoo HyeJin keeps experimenting on unique silhouettes and shapes in structured designs with inventive digital textile printing to innovate and to establish brand identity of Kumann. Target group of the brand is fashion-conscious people in multi-age who place value on originality, individuality, and exclusiveness.

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